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THE VOICE OF HUMAN LABOR, by            
First Line: I am human labor
Last Line: Shall be upon all nations.
Subject(s): Humanity; Labor & Laborers; Work; Workers

I am human labor,
Mighty power of the human race.
My shoulders bear the past,
The present, and the future of man.
In my hands I hold the world
And destiny of nations.

I seek truth and knowledge
Of laws of the universe,
And nature has unfolded
Unto me her wondrous secrets.
I put forth my hand,
And earth blooms rich in flower
And in fruitage.

If my hand be withdrawn
From the earth,
The human race shall perish.
If I be debased, the world
Shall be debased.
If I be lifted up, the world
Shall be uplifted.

I have come up out of chaos.
I have conquered slavery
And won the realm of freedom.
I shall win the realm of freedom,
Of creative labor,
Wherein all may put forth hands
And labor be awarded justice.

I am human labor.
Builder of a world of nations,
I shall win fulfillment of ambition.
I shall build the way into
The realm of peace
Wherein the nations of the world shall dwell.
The war gods and the hosts of war fiends
Shall flee from before me,
And the peace of God, Jehovah,
Ruler of the heavens and earth,
Shall be upon all nations.

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