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A GLASS O' ALE, by                     Poet's Biography
First Line: O thou pure, sparklin' glass o' ale
Last Line: A glass o' ale.
Subject(s): Beer; Drinks & Drinking; Ale; Wine

O THOU pure, sparklin' glass o' ale,
Nectar for gods an' fellows hale,
I carena by, tho' bigot's rail
Misca's ye sair,
Ye was a freen' to me when frail,
That I'll declare.

For when upon the bed o' pain,
Wi' fever ragin' on the brain,
'Twas ye alane that I could drain,
For only you,
Abune a' ithers it was plain,
Could pull me through.

Therefore I'll no stan' quaitly by,
While fules an' madmen ye decry;
But to the rescue I will hie,
An' thee defend;
Will praise thy virtues to the sky,
Solace an' friend.

A glorious thing is moderation,
I like it weel on each occasion,
In temperance speech as weel's libation --
Wid like to hear
A guid, soun', learn'd, grand oration
Aboot the beer.

But if thae fules had just the power,
They'd mak' a' moderates quickly lower,
Beneath their blichtnin' shadows cower --
That withoot fail;
By police law mak' us gi'e owre
The glass o' ale.

The strengthnin' ale, sae guid an' braw --
Prime Edinbro' or Alloa,
Famed Burton's pale, baith strong and sma';
The creamy brew
Wid soon be stopt if 'neath the paw
O' that mad crew.

Lang, lang the day ere that may be,
Ere tyrant law again we see,
Ere freedom's flag shall cease to flee
Prood in the gale,
Ere we're compelled nae mair to pree
A glass o' ale.

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