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First Line: Let ithers sing o' sparkling wine
Last Line: That flow frae caller water.
Subject(s): Alcoholism & Alcoholics; Drinks & Drinking; Drunkards; Alcohol Abuse; Wine

LET ithers sing o' sparkling wine
Until their throats be sair,
The "nectar" o' the gods divine
Is but a devil's snare,
Inspirin' fules in their mad mirth
To spates o' senseless chatter;
Na, mine's a sang o' modest birth,
I sing guid Caller Water.

Guid Caller Water, pure an' bricht,
Sent richt frae Heaven's ain doors,
A coolin' draught that keeps us richt,
An' free frae drucken "scores."
Nae headaches after it we ha'e,
Enough oor wits to scatter;
We're clear an' bricht as dewy spray
After guid Caller Water.

Sae, join my sang wi' a' your micht,
Nor mind the senseless jibe,
On water ye will ne'er get "ticht,"
Though gallons ye imbibe;
Nor troubled be wi' doctors' bills,
But grow baith rich an' fatter,
If ye but drink the sparkling rills,
That flow frae Caller Water.

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