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TOWARDS DEMOCRACY: PART 2. AS A WOMAN OF A MAN, by                     Poet's Biography
First Line: Democracy!
Last Line: I will conceive by thee, democracy.
Subject(s): Bodies; Democracy; Gays & Lesbians; Homoeroticism; Lesbians; Gay Women; Gay Men

O sombre swart face, now thou art very beautiful to me!
O haughty brow, with glittering withdrawn eyes, not a little contemptuous,
Thou art very beautiful to me!

I am as a child before thee;
All that I have learned, all my fancical knowledge,
My familiarity with times and distances,
All my refinement is nothing—my delicate hands, manners,
My glibness is nothing;
I crave the touch of thy soul, thou strong one,
I crave thy love.

Come! who art no longer a name:
Gigantic Thou, with head aureoled by the sun—wild among the
Thy huge limbs naked and stalwart erected member,
Thy lawless gait and rank untameable laughter,
Thy heaven-licking wildfire thoughts and passions—
I desire.

All conventions, luxuries, all refinements of civilization, and tyrannous
Acquisitions, formulated rules, rights, prescriptions, and whatever
constitutes a barrier—
I discard.

All the cobwebs of science, and precedents and conclusions of authority,
All possessions, and impedimenta of property, all rights of bundles and
I disown.

I stand prepared for toil, for hardship—this instant if need be to
start on an unforeseen and distant journey—
I am wholly without reserve:
As a woman of a man so I will learn of thee,
I will draw thee closer and closer,
I will drain thy lips and the secret things of thy body,
I will conceive by thee, Democracy.

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