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TOWARDS DEMOCRACY: PART 3. BABY SONG, by             Poet's Biography
First Line: Croonie croonie, baby baby, up and down
Last Line: Baby baby, what art thou?
Subject(s): Babies; Caregivers; Love; Parents; Infants; Parenthood

CROONIE croonie, Baby baby, up and down, Sing song, all day long—
Father's gone away for many a day, but he'll come back again,
Over the waters, before long.

Croonie croonie, Baby baby, up and down,
Sun shine, winds blow—far behind baby the waters flow;
Winds and sun round him run, peep in his eyes and off they go—
All in fun.

Croonie croonie, Baby baby, O what tears!
Little heart break, little breast shake—fie such tears!
Mother's arms so tired with dancing,
All day long;
Baby baby—always baby—fretting crying all day long.

Baby baby, come to Mammy,
Stifle sobs upon her breast—
Little blunt gums on the nipple,
That's the feel we both love best;
Sleep will soon come after titty,
Sobs will cease and baby rest.
Croonie croonie, Baby baby, sleeping sound:
By the door we stand a moment—moonlight dappled on the ground:
Winds are sleeping, waters calm,
Keep our little babe from harm.

The great Earth shall be his cradle,
Rocking rocking day by day;
Star-bespangled curtains spread
Every night above his head;
Suns on suns shall gild his brow:
Baby baby, What art Thou?

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