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TOWARDS DEMOCRACY: PART 3. THE VOICE OF ONE BLIND, by             Poet's Biography
First Line: Blind, ah! Blind - it has come upon me now
Last Line: I am come nearer now.
Subject(s): Blindness; Physical Disabilities; Visually Handicapped; Handicapped; Handicaps; Physically Challenged; Cripples

BLIND, ah! blind—it has come upon me now—
A veil thickening between the world and me.
[I saw them move through it—saw the dear faces and figures as in a
fluid haze,
And then they blurred, and then I saw them not.)

Alone? Ah no! who shall describe the joy that has come upon me?
The blow that should have crushed me broke my chains,
And I, that was the prisoner, am free.

Sweet—all of fever fled—all calm now and peaceful,

To feel the warm sun on my hands, or traveling along my forehead,
To hear the sounds—the rustling of the breeze or chirrup of the birds,
the kettle singing or the turned page of the book my loved one reads—
The touches and the hands, the voices and the sweet caresses;
How they come nearer, now!
I go no more to seek, I stay at home, and let them come to me.

And sweet sweet visions—
Ah! forms I saw not when my eyes were clear—
Sons, daughters, brothers, sisters, mortal friends,
What gods are come about me?

And Thou above all:
Thou, gracious presence, sweet enfolding me
Far far within, touching me nearest of all,
As through so many ages men and women Thou with the sweetness of thy love
hast ravished:
So I touch them through Thee—through Thee to all
I am come nearer now.

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