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First Line: Lo! What a world I would create from my own, my lovers
Last Line: We shall need no other world, no other worlds.
Subject(s): Beauty; Creation; Earth; Friendship; Love; Socialism; World

LO! what a world I create for my own, my lovers.
As the moonbeams in winter gliding along the forest-glades reveal the
beauty of the trees—the hushed soft masses of light and darkness, the
mysterious depths, the thousand fairy outlines—all merged and blent in one
serene Presence;
As a figure dimly seen, from glade to glade, from perspective to
perspective, through the wilderness wanders content—his soul with the
forest-soul mated;
So dear friends, dear lovers, through this world of mine that I weave for
you here, methinks sometimes I see you moving.

And I wait of you that in time you also spread worlds equally beautiful,
more beautiful, for me,
[Not in written words only, but in spoken words, or the mere sound of the
voice or look of the face, and in beauties of body and limb and brain and heart,
and in beauty of deed and action, and in a thousand ways,]
Forest-glades and glooms where I in turn (as indeed already) may dwell and
dream and be content, mated to the soul thereof.

Thus, dear ones, building up these spheres of ourselves continually for the
joyance of each other, it shall come about that at length
We shall need no other world, no other worlds.

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