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TOWARDS DEMOCRACY: PART 4. TO BECOME A CREATOR, by             Poet's Biography
First Line: I heard a voice saying
Last Line: To the centre of all creation—to the heart indeed of all lovers.
Subject(s): Creation; Emotions; God; Humanity

I HEARD a Voice saying:
See now in the end you shall stand Lord of the World.

When those desires which are injurious to others have departed from
you—when all desires born of hate;
When you have become strong to conquer the world, strong to endure and
conquer so the hatred and the injuriousness of others;
When what you will, you will with the whole force of your nature,
Undivided by fear, conscience, conventions, and the distinctions of self
and not-self;
Then, lo! all that you wish—all that your heart forms for an image of
its longings—shall take shape before you;
You shall create the things which are the fulfilment of your needs;
There is nothing that shall not be yours.

For this world you see around—these trees, mountains, these high city
streets and the myriad faces that pass among them—are not all these but
Images, to the Heart of which with restless longing you have indeed so
often sought to penetrate.
Say then, if you attain to be ruler of your own thoughts, and of the images
which spring from your heart, is it so much that you should be arbiter also of
these others, and touch to the Heart they spring from?

For deep down there is, may-be, no difference—
And when the desires that are born of Hate and Fear and Distrust are gone,
there is no difference.

And I said: Am I not my own thoughts, and when these die, shall I not also
And the Voice said: Look again—
These thoughts, these images, that pass before you—they pass before
Then how can they be Yourself?
Nevertheless it is true that they proceed from you.
They proceed from the Heart, and the mind perceives them.
And so it shall be eternally.

And all This, and all that you see, and all that you think, and all that
you experience, is the evidence of Yourself,
Yourself coming to you over the ages.
Therefore go forth—and be in truth thine own Creator—
No longer in fear and trembling but in kingship and power meeting the
mystery of the world;
By the pure and beautiful desires which spring within thee, like
fountain-waters from a hillside welling (which flow and grow into an endless
stream running ever towards the centre of the Earth)—by these guided,
Take with unerring choice, and make and mould, and carve and cut and force
thy way—
To the centre of all creation—to the Heart indeed of all lovers.

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