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LET'S BE FRIENDS AG'IN, by            
First Line: So now, ye're my enemy, air ye
Last Line: Holy jasus! You're claspin' my hand!
Subject(s): Forgiveness; Friendship; Clemency

So now, ye're my enemy, air ye,
Don't want to be friends, no more
Sure an' I'm sorry to lose you --
An' close -- a friendship's door!

Sure 'n' I was wrong -- I confess it;
An' it's right -- sorry -- I be;
Sad 'tis, to break up a friendship
Like's been had twixt you 'n' me.

Don't seem like I could be happy
Not havin' ye come to my door --
Sure 'n' this is serious business
Twixt friends of years a score!

Can't ye do what the Good Book says
Forgive, brother, "seven times seven"?
Sure it seems I could forgive -- ye --
If it be 'leven times 'leven!

Faith 'n' I couldn't come to ye
When troubles come crowdin' ag'in!
Nor to have ye, when I need ye, --
We'd both be committin' a sin!

Faith, 'n' who'd come to me sick-bed,
With cool hand soothe me hot brow?
I jest as well die -- if that's all ye'd care --
I'll have nuthin' to live for -- now!

Come now -- can't we be friends ag'in?
Think o' the good times we've had!
We've fished 'n' gone swimmin' together
Since each was a bit of a lad!

And now to see it all ended --
I can't seem -- to -- understand!
I'm askin', can't it be mended?
Holy Jasus! you're claspin' my hand!

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