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ROSY-POSY, by            
First Line: Rosy, my posy
Last Line: And hush-a-by baby with me.
Subject(s): Grandmothers; Bedtime

Rosy, my posy,
You're sleepy and dozy,
Sit upon grandmamma's knee--
Songs I will sing you
Sweet sleep to bring you,
Cuddle up cozy with me.

I will sing ditties
Of birds and of kitties,
The song of the well to begin,
How young Johnny Stout
Pulled Pussy cat out
When Johnny Green let her fall in;

Of timid Miss Muffet
Who fled from the tuffet,--
Of birdie that sings on the tree--
Of Jack and his Jill,
And the mouse in the mill,
And Bobby who sailed on the sea.

Rosy, my posy,
So weary and dozy--
Now she is coming, I see,
All sleepy and dozy
To cuddle up cozy
And hush-a-by baby with me.

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