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MY BLINDNESS, by                    
First Line: Oh blackened knight, murderer of my day
Last Line: Without a cause, until I'm claimed by death?
Subject(s): Black (color); Blindness; Death; Eyes; Visually Handicapped; Dead, The

Oh Blackened Knight, murderer of my day,
Your wicked sword severed my vision's strings
And made me small like earthly creepy things
Which find sweet life by digging in the clay
Until their bodies to dust finally decay.
You, fleeting phantom, fraught with sooty wings
Whose noiseless flutter forever my death bell rings,
Have won from me in spite of my soul's affray.

I span the hollow of my stricken eyes
While daily, here I must patiently sit,
A victim of fate's uncanny and cowardly stealth.
Oh why did you blot out the beauty of the skies,
And smother me in eternity's gruesome pit
Without a cause, until I'm claimed by death?

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