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OUR FATHER'S CARE, by            
First Line: I wandered in a woodland
Last Line: Safe, safe to the other side.
Subject(s): Children; Forests; God; Religion; Childhood; Woods; Theology

I wandered in a woodland—,
along a winding path.
The trees their giant branches waved
like demons in their wrath.
The way was rough and stony—,
with many a hidden snare.
I thought, How like life's journey,—
and none there is to care.

But the little one beside me
kept hold of my hand the while,
And lifted her little face to mine,
with an innocent, trusting smile.
She trusted in my protection,
no danger could she divine;
But toddled along beside me,
with her little hand in mine.

Then a thought like a singing swallow
came, thrilling my very soul:
That our great and heavenly Father
is leading us toward the goal.
And no matter how rough the pathway,
nor how many snares there be,
He says, "Come heavily-burdened One
and follow only me."

"Cast all your care upon me,
I will your burdens bear,
I'll fill your heart with gladness,
and every sorrow share."
And I thought, If I, like the little child,
will walk by my Father's side,
He'll lead me over this journey of life,
safe, safe to the other side.

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