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First Line: What shall I do when I stand in my place
Last Line: And I stand at god's judgment alone!
Subject(s): Judgment Day; End Of The World; Doomsday; Fall Of Man

WHAT shall I do when I stand in my place,
Unclothed of this garment of cloud and dust,
Unclothed of this garment of selfish lust,
With my Maker, face to face?

What shall I say for my worldly pride?
What for the things I have done and not done?
There will be no cloud then over the sun,
And no grave wherein to hide.

No time for waiting, no time for prayer, --
No friend that with me my life-path trod
To help me, -- only my soul and my God,
And all my sins laid bare.
No dear human pity, no low loving speech,
About me that terrible day shall there be,
Remitted back into myself, I shall see
All sweetest things out of reach.

But why should I tremble before th' unknown,
And put off the blushing and shame? Now, -- to-day!
The friend close beside me seems far, far away,
And I stand at God's judgment alone!

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