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HERE AND THERE, by             Poet's Biography
First Line: Here is the sorrow, the sighing
Last Line: And there is our father and god.
Subject(s): Life; God

HERE is the sorrow, the sighing,
Here are the cloud and the night;
Here is the sickness, the dying,
There are the life and the light!

Here is the fading, the wasting,
The foe that so watchfully waits;
There are the hills everlasting,
The city with beautiful gates.

Here are the locks growing hoary,
The glass with the vanishing sands;
There are the crown and the glory,
The house that is made not with hands.

Here is the longing, the vision,
The hopes that so swiftly remove;
There is the blessed fruition,
The feast, and the fullness of love.

Here are the heart-strings a-tremble
And here is the chastening rod;
There is the song and the cymbal,
And there is our Father and God.

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