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MY GOOD ANGEL, by             Poet's Biography
First Line: Very simple are my pleasures
Last Line: Herein all my askings be.
Subject(s): Angels

VERY simple are my pleasures, --
O good angel, stay with me,
While I number what they be, --
Easy 't is to count my treasures.

Easy 't is, -- they are not many:
Friends for love and company,
O good angel grant to me;
Strength to work; and is there any

Man or woman, evil seeing
In my daily walk and way,
Grant, and give me grace to pray
For a less imperfect being.

Grant a larger light, and better,
To inform my foe and me,
So we quickly shall agree;
Grant forgiveness to my debtor.

Make my heart, I pray, of kindness
Always full, as clouds of showers;
Keep my mortal eyes from blindness;
I would see the sun and flowers.

From temptation pray deliver;
And, good angel, grant to me
That my heart be grateful ever:
Herein all my askings be.

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