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First Line: In thy time, and times of mourning
Last Line: "through rocks he cutteth out rivers."
Subject(s): Faith; Grief; Belief; Creed; Sorrow; Sadness

IN thy time, and times of mourning,
When grief doeth all she can
To hide the prosperous sunshine,
Remember this, O man, --
"He setteth an end to darkness."

Sad saint, of the world forgotten,
Who workest thy work apart,
Take thou this promise for comfort,
And hold it in thy heart, --
"He searcheth out all perfection."

O foolish and faithless sailor,
When the ship is driven away,
When the waves forget their places,
And the anchor will not stay, --
"He weigheth the waters by measure."

O outcast, homeless, bewildered,
Let now thy murmurs be still,
Go in at the gates of gladness
And eat of the feast at will, --
"For wisdom is better than riches."

O diligent, diligent sower,
Who sowest thy seed in vain,
When the corn in the ear is withered,
And the young flax dies for rain, --
"Through rocks He cutteth out rivers."

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