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First Line: Oh to be back in the cool summer shadow
Last Line: Then you may tell me of heaven forever.
Subject(s): Love

OH to be back in the cool summer shadow
Of that old maple-tree down in the meadow;
Watching the smiles that grew dearer and dearer,
Listening to lips that drew nearer and nearer;
Oh to be back in the crimson-topped clover,
Sitting again with my Archie, my lover!

Oh for the time when I felt his caresses
Smoothing away from my forehead the tresses;
When up from my heart to my cheek went the blushes,
As he said that my voice was as sweet as the thrush's;
As he told me, my eyes were bewitchingly jetty,
And I answered, 't was only my love made them pretty!

Talk not of maiden reserve or of duty
Or hide from my vision such visions of beauty;
Pulses above may beat calmly and even, --
We have been fashioned for earth, and not heaven:
Angels are perfect, I am but a woman;
Saints may be passionless, Archie is human.

Say not that heaven hath tenderer blisses
To her on whose brow drops the soft rain of kisses;
Preach not the promise of priests or evangels, --
Loved-crowned, who asks for the crown of the angels?
Yea, all that the wall of pure jasper in-closes,
Takes not the sweetness from sweet bridal roses!

Tell me, that when all this life shall be over,
I shall still love him, and he be my lover;
That mid flowers more fragrant than clover or heather
My Archie and I shall be always together,
Loving eternally, met ne'er to sever,
Then you may tell me of heaven forever.

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