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First Line: Tis all right, as I knew it would be
Last Line: He was willing to do so himself, I came round!
Subject(s): Marriage; Quarrels; Reconciliation

'T is all right, as I knew it would be by and by;
We have kissed and made up again, Archie and I;
And that quarrel, or nonsense, whatever you will,
I think makes us love more devotedly still.

The trouble was all upon my side, you know;
I'm exacting sometimes, rather foolishly so;
And let any one tell me the veriest lie
About Archie, I'm sure to get angry and cry.

Things will go on between us again just the same, --
For as he explains matters he wasn't to blame;
But 't is useless to tell you; I can't make you see
How it was, quite as plainly as he has made me.

You thought "I would make him come round when we met!"
You thought "there were slights I could never forget!"
Oh you did! let me tell you, my dear, to your face,
That your thinking these things doesn't alter the case!

You "can tell what I said?" I don't wish you to tell!
You know what a temper I have, very well;
That I'm sometimes unjust to my friends who are best;
But you've turned against Archie the same as the rest!

"Why hasn't he written? what kept him so still?" --
His silence was sorely against his own will;
He has faults, that I own; but he, he wouldn't deceive;
He was ill, or was busy, -- was both, I believe!

Did he flirt with that lady? I s'pose I should say,
Why, yes, -- when she threw herself right in the way;
He was led off, was foolish, but that is the worst, --
And she was to blame for it all, from the first.

And he's so glad to come back again, and to find
A woman once more with a heart and a mind;
For though others may please and amuse for an hour,
I hold all his future -- his life -- in my power!

And now, if things don't go persistently wrong,
Our destinies cannot be parted for long;
For he said he would give me his fortune and name, --
Not those words, but he told me what meant just the same.

So what could I do, after all, at the last,
But just ask him to pardon my doubts in the past;
For though he had been wrong, I should still, all the same,
Rather take it myself than let him bear the blame.

And, poor fellow! he felt so bad, I could not bear
To drive him by cruelty quite to despair;
And so, to confess the whole truth, when I found
He was willing to do so himself, I came round!

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