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First Line: In the years that now are dead and gone
Last Line: The wealth that now is mine.
Subject(s): Envy; Neighbors

IN the years that now are dead and gone --
Aye, dead, but ne'er forgot --
My neighbor's stately house looked down
On the walls of my humble cot.

I had my flowers and trees, 't is true,
But they looked not fine and tall
As my neighbor's flowers and trees, that grew
On the other side of the wall.

Through the autumn leaves his ripe fruits gleamed
With richer tints than mine,
And his grapes in the summer sunshine seemed
More full of precious wine.

Through garden walk and bower I stray
Unbidden now and free;
For my neighbor long has passed away,
And his wealth has come to me.

I pace those stately halls at last,
But a darker shadow falls
Within the house than once it cast
On my lowly cottage walls.

I pluck the fruit, the wine I waste,
I drag through the weary hours;
But the fruit is bitter to my taste,
And I tire of the scent of flowers.

And I'd take my poverty instead
And all that I have resign,
To feel as I felt when I coveted
The wealth that now is mine.

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