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First Line: So I'm 'crazy,'in loving a man of three-score
Last Line: It's being the darling of one of three-score!
Subject(s): Love - Age Differences; Men

So I'm "crazy," in loving a man of three-score;
Why, I never had come to my senses before,
But I'm doubtful of yours, if you're thinking to prove
My insanity, just by the fact of my love.

You would like to know what are his wonderful wiles?
Only delicate praises, and flattering smiles!
'T is no spell of enchantment, no magical art,
But the way he says "darling," that goes to my heart.

Yes, he's "sixty," I cannot dispute with you there,
But you'd make him a hundred, I think, if you dare;
And I'm glad all his folly of first love is past,
Since I'm sure, of the two, it is best to be last.

"His hair is as white as the snowdrift," you say;
Then I never shall see it change slowly to gray;
But I almost could wish, for his dear sake alone,
That my tresses were nearer the hue of his own.

"He can't see;" then I'll help him to see and to hear,
If it's needful, you know, I can sit very near;
And he's young enough yet to interpret the tone
Of a heart that is beating up close to his own.

I "must aid him;" ah! that is my pleasure and pride,
I should love him for this if for nothing beside;
And though I've more reasons than I can recall,
Yet the one that "he needs me" is strongest of all.

So, if I'm insane, you will own, I am sure,
That the case is so hopeless it's past any cure;
And, besides, it is acting no very wise part,
To be treating the head for disease of the heart.

And if anything could make a woman believe
That no dream can delude, and no fancy deceive;
That she never knew lover's enchantment before,
It's being the darling of one of three-score!

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