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FOR EVER, by            
First Line: Withhold thy love, though life betrays
Last Line: O heart fulfil thy fond desire!
Alternate Author Name(s): Lahor, Jean
Subject(s): Future Life; Love; Retribution; Eternity; After Life

WITHHOLD thy love, though life betrays,
No whit, but dream and still desire;
And bare thy heart on human ways
Though nought but wounds fulfil desire.

Though all be vain, in truth still trust;
Still love, desire and dream amain;
So soon the heart returns to dust,
With love now let it teem amain.

Drink deep of art and human worth;
Heart high pursue thy loyal way;
Still walk as poet lord of earth,
Wear purple robes in royal way.

For love and dream alone are true:
Like swords of lightning crossed in air,
Athwart the heaven's starless blue
Our life's a flame that's lost in air.

Alone in ardent passion's light
Our eyes see clearly ere we go
Into an everlasting night
With no return from where we go.

Consume thy brand, throw wide thy spark,
And let the flame upthrust again;
Think of the grave's unending dark
When thou art turned to dust again.

So near us yawns the dreadful pit;
Or ere we plunge beyond desire,
Now let the brand of life be lit,
O heart fulfil thy fond desire!

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