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SONNET: OF BECCHINA IN A RAGE, by                     Poet's Biography
First Line: When I behold becchina in a rage
Last Line: It's time I got my valor to grow big.
Subject(s): Anger

WHEN I behold Becchina in a rage,
Just like a little lad I trembling stand
Whose master tells him to hold out his hand.
Had I a lion's heart, the sight would wage
Such a war against it, that in that sad stage
I'd wish my birth might never have been plann'd
And curse the day and hour that I was bann'd
With such a plague for my life's heritage.
Yet even if I should sell me to the Fiend,
I must so manage matters in some way
That for her rage I may not care a fig;
Or else from death I cannot long be screen'd.
So I'll not blink the fact, but plainly say
It's time I got my valor to grow big.

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