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PATSY, by            
First Line: Puppy dog, rough as a bramble
Last Line: Rats, little hound of beelzebub, rats!
Subject(s): Animals; Dogs; Pets

PUPPY dog, rough as a bramble,
Eyed like a saint,
Beggar to slobber and gambol,
Corky and quaint,
Chasing your tail like a fubsy turbillion,
Plaguing a playmate with fuss of a million
But keen as a kestrel
And fierce as a stoat is,
A-thrill to ancestral
Furies at notice
Of rats,
Rats, little hound of Beelzebub, rats!

And as you sleep off a surfeit,
Mischief and tea,
Prone on the summer-warm turf, it
Surely must be
(Rapturous whimper and tremulant twitching),
Somewhere or other there's hunting bewitching;
More blesséd than biscuit;
I'll lay, through your slumbers,
They squeak and they frisk it
In shadowy numbers,
Rats, little hound of Beelzebub, rats!

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