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THE SCARAB, by            
First Line: Spoil of the tomb of kings
Last Line: Since you are vowed to my lilian's ring!
Subject(s): Egypt; Graves; Pyramids; Tombs; Tombstones

SPOIL of the tomb of kings,
Snatched from the shadows solemn,
Where the wide falcon-wings
Brood o'er the pylon's column,
Scarab (oh, blue of the artist Egyptian),
How goes your curious carven inscription?
Emblem of Life and Sun,
How do its letters run?
Spells it of magic and censers a-swing
Ere you were vowed to my Lilian's ring?

Tells it of girlish throng,
Homage and graceful pose, if
Pharaoh should chance along,
Pharaoh who knew not Joseph?
Down the dim coolness of corridors going,
Out to the noon on his rose gardens glowing;
Where by the fish-pond's brink
Ibises coral-pink
Stood in a sacred and somnolent row,
Ages and ages and ages ago?

Spoil of the pyramid
Where the old shadows linger,
Now as a mascot slid
On to a dainty finger;
If I might fathom the secret you fetter,
Hazard each cryptical, long-ago letter,
Emblem of Life that's gone,
I would say, "Love lives on":
Surely a proper and plausible thing,
Since you are vowed to my Lilian's ring!

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