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TO A CHALK-BLUE, by            
First Line: Butterflies, butterflies, delicate downy ones
Last Line: Oh, bold little, old little, blue bit of june!
Subject(s): Blue (Color); Butterflies; Insects; Bugs

BUTTERFLIES, Butterflies, delicate downy ones,
Golden, and purple, and yellowy browny ones,
Whites, reds, and tortoiseshells, what's in a hue?
You're worth the whole lot of them, little Chalk-Blue!

Fabled Apollos, of bug-hunter's hollow tales,
Camberwell Beauties, Large Coppers, and Swallow-tails,
They've fled from high farming, they've gone down the breeze,
To Elfland perhaps, or wherever you please!

You, Master Blue, hold by man and his handiworks,
Chalk-pits and cuttings, and engineer's sandy works,
Sway on his wheat stalks, most buoyant and bold,
A turquoise a-droop on a chain of light gold!

Here was your home, ere the Legion's lean warriors
Laughed at the slings of Druidical quarriers,
Or ever the Eagles came swooping ashore,
You flew your blue ensign from Lizard to Nore!

Long may you linger and flourish exceedingly,
Dancing the sun round all summer unheedingly,
Sprite of his splendour, small priest of high noon,
Oh, bold little, old little, blue bit of June!

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