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FISH FOR BREAKFAST, by                    
First Line: In utah becky's place
Last Line: "spring is an old man's friend."
Subject(s): Spring; Youth

In Utah Becky's place
I drank a toast to spring,
And a farmer lad with a priest's face
Said this owlish thing:
"How, when the heart is leaping
Can the hand sow for reaping?
Drink me no toast to spring!
Spring is a young man's foe.
When larks and lasses sing
How can a young man hoe?
How, when the wind is warming
'Tend strict the farming?
Each year I am afraid
Since I was twenty
I shall go wed a maid
And troubles plenty,
And then, to tamp my larder
I must plow harder.
If you must waste the wine,
Drink to the year's cold end;
Spring is no friend of mine.
Spring is an old man's friend."

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