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CANOE SONG, by            
First Line: Dip! Dip! Softly slip
Last Line: Young as now and ever one.
Subject(s): Canoes & Canoeing

DIP! Dip! Softly slip
Down the river shining wide,
Dim and far the dark banks are;
Life is love and naught beside.
Onward, drifting with the tide.

Drip, drip, from paddle tip
Myriad ripples swirl and swoon;
Shiv'ring 'mid the ruddy stars,
Mirrored in the deep lagoon,
Faintly floats the mummied moon.

Soft, soft, high aloft, --
Ever thus till time is done, --
Worlds will die; may thou and I
Glide beneath a gentler sun,
Young as now and ever one.

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