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WHERE'ER YOU ARE, by            
First Line: When the pale stars glimmer o'er the battlefield
Last Line: And bring you safely home.
Subject(s): Farewell; Love; Navy - United States; War; Parting; American Navy


WHEN the pale stars glimmer o'er the battlefield
And the guns' deep thunder dies away,
Angel fingers close the weary eyes
And soothe the terrors of the day.
Not of the battle's strife they're dreaming
'Neath the pale and misty light,
But the touch of a hand and voices calling
From the homeland echo thro' the night.


Where the great grey watchdogs of our Navy ride
O'er the northern waters dark and cold,
Eyes released from weary vigil close
And dreams bring back the days of old.
Voice of the wind and waves is blended
With the music soft and low
Of dear ones singing in the homeland cottage
By the firelight's red and cheery glow.


Where'er you are to-night, dear,
By the shot-torn field or main,
Our love we send you, and may God defend you
Thro' the battle's bitter strife and pain.
There's many a heart at home that's yearning
For loved ones o'er the foam;
God keep you always in his care
And bring you safely home.

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