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First Line: Under clear blue skies in the month of june
Last Line: But I pray that I might be more like dad!
Subject(s): Fields; Labor & Laborers; Pastures; Meadows; Leas; Work; Workers

Under clear blue skies in the month of June
All the meadows rang to a merry tune;
While the brawny arms wielded scythes with grace
In those fair, romantic and joyous days.
There were lusty boys who would court the maids
To the rhythm and tune of the gleaming blades,
As they vied the others' prowess and skill
With their rippling muscles and hearts athrill.

There the younger lads would be struck with awe
By their watching human and nature's law;
For a constant current of life would flow,
But the end and aim scarcely one could know;
It amused them quite -- yet it gripped them there
Like a yearning wish and a fervent prayer
To be growing up and contest their claims
In the joy of life and its greater aims.

At the close of day, when the work would cease,
When the meadows lay in their wistful peace,
There were distant sounds that were faintly heard,
So the hearts of boys were to musing stirred.
To the creak of wheels, going home at night
On the swaying load through the amber light,
In the stillness father sang ballads old
That recounted love and great acts extolled.

I recall delights that again I crave,
When the new-mown hay spills a fragrant wave
Over meadows fair in the month of June. . . .
I could feel contented if dad could croon --
Driving home at night on the haying rack.
It is vain desire to be longing back;
I cannot again be that carefree lad,
But I pray that I might be more like dad!

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