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A BEVY OF BEAUTIES, by            
First Line: With paper, pen, patience, and pleasure as well
Last Line: Would you claim as your choice from this bevy of beauties?
Subject(s): Beauty; Women

WITH paper, pen, patience, and pleasure as well,
Hand resting on chin, we are sitting here musing,
And doing our best to decide which is belle,
But all must allow it is rather confusing.
'Mongst five lovely ladies to say which is best;
'Tis this makes our task seem the hardest of duties,
For fixing on one may offend all the rest,
And who would offend such a bevy of beauties?

Now each has a charm that her neighbours may lack,
Of form or of feature that's piquant or pretty,
And then we are sternly aware of the fact
That each may ere long be perusing this ditty.
You know the safe truism, old as the rocks,
That money at all times of evil the root is,
Yet some say 'tis women -- 'tis one of their jokes --
There can't be much ill in a bevy of beauties.

Be pleased to excuse us should we write amiss,
Our previous stanza does seem rather hazy,
But then we intend to be lucid with this,
And introduce, therefore, at once, our friend Daisy.
A sweet, gentle face, somewhat sombre at times,
Is one of her charms; and how neat, too, her foot is,
And tender her heart! and -- but some of our rhymes
Must be kept for the rest of our bevy of beauties.

Fair Susan is winsomely friendly and free,
With more in her face of bright June than October;
An elegant figure, in truth, too, has she,
And lovable ways, be they merry or sober.
But what of bright Lizzy? -- she's modest and shy,
To get at her heart try her eyes, there the route is;
To travel that way some beau ere long will try,
And now for the next of our bevy of beauties.

Brave Maggie appears with a frank winning smile,
A lady-like form, and a heart truly human.
The reader might travel for many a mile
And never behold a more genuine woman.
And last, though not least, at blythe Kate we arrive,
Whose petite, piquant form quite as smart as her foot is,
Or shapely gloved hand, say now, which of the five
Would you claim as your choice from this bevy of beauties?

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