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WAITING ON THE QUAY, by            
First Line: Known you before? Yes, aeons we have known
Last Line: Glanced modern lights in geometric line.
Subject(s): History; Historians

Known you before? Yes, æons we have known
Each other, worshipped, wept, laughed,—if we could
Recall th' events. Maybe with masks of wood
We played in Attic city; or in stone
We watched an obelisk take form; or prone
We stammered prayers to Buddha for our good;
Or at the Crucifixion met and stood
And suffered, wild hearts withering without moan.

Last night we met, you pale and silent; I
Calm, waiting for th' ascending tide; and mine
To know and yours to know, as eye held eye,
The world's eternal beauty by a sign
Obscure but sure. Against the ancient sky
Glanced modern lights in geometric line.

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