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First Line: As soon as each unquiet day
Last Line: Cushioned on that which rocked them to repose.
Alternate Author Name(s): Brooke, Arthur
Subject(s): Charm; Courtship


AS soon as each unquiet day
Is hushed into the calm of night,
As wild birds wing their homeward way
To one dear nest, in thought I stray
To thee, beloved, and from their flight
Call back the hours of past delight,
Which Fancy brings so deeply true
It seems those joys are known anew,
And from my blissful trance I start
Waked by the throbs of my own heart.

Ah! once that throbbing heart was pressed
To one which throbbed in sweet reply,
And then 'twas pillowed to its rest
Upon so fair, so fond a breast,
And watched o'er by so kind an eye,
That never could it live to sigh
For all it left, unless it dared
To hope that all which then it shared
With thee, beloved, shared again
Shall recompense its present pain.

Yes, dearest, we shall meet once more;
And if—thy heart unchanged as mine—
We meet as we have met before,
How shall I hang enraptured o'er
The languor of that look divine
Which tells me "I indeed am thine!"
Till on thy bosom faint I fall,
And to its pantings musical
Listening am lulled, while my charmed eyelids close,
Cushioned on that which rocked them to repose.

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