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FAR DISTANCES, by            
First Line: O wide and shining, miles on miles
Last Line: With his own greatness blended?
Subject(s): Religion; Theology

O wide and shining, miles on miles,
Yon sea's fair face upon me smiles;
Yet for some further ocean's isles
My fevered soul is yearning.

O daringly yon mountain-spire
Conquers its giant leap; yet higher
My spirit's infinite desire
Speeds eager and unresting.

O amply-arched yon sky's dome swings
Above me; yet my passion springs
Wild at its walls with fluttering wings,
For vaster circles questing.

I know not, heart. Yet must not He
Who made all worlds too strait for thee
Set thee at last where thou shalt be
With His own greatness blended?

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