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UNCONQUERED, by                    
First Line: I did not know if stalwart courage you possessed
Last Line: Your soul, in victory, sounds faith's triumphant note.
Subject(s): Courage; Jesus Christ; Jesus Christ - Suffering & Sacrifice; Valor; Bravery

I did not know if stalwart courage you possessed.
You gaily danced o'er paths with sun-lit petals strewn.
Love's fingers, -- magic -- soft -- your trusting heart caressed,
And this world bloomed for you, -- a garden bright in June.

Fair fame adorned your brow; -- wealth added golden pleasure;
Kind Fates brought precious gifts to you, in generous mood.
You laughed in tune to sheer frivolity's light measure, --
Nor dreamed that storm clouds gather, -- swift and sombre-hued.

Fame died. Wealth fled. Misfortune's grief-edged saber pressed.
Your weary feet trod, bleeding, down disillusion's road.
And faithless love tore out the heart from your poor breast, --
To leave a wilderness, where once Romance abode.

Your heart rebounds above disaster's dead debris;
No cry of cowardly defeat rose from your throat.
With eyes and spirit high, -- life's master e'er to be, --
Your soul, in victory, sounds Faith's triumphant note.

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