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THE LOST CHRIST, by                    
First Line: Your skill has fashioned stately creeds
Last Line: The man of nazareth.
Subject(s): Jesus Christ

Your skill has fashioned stately creeds,
But where is He, we pray—
The friendly Christ of loving deeds?
He is not here today.

With sentences that twist and tease,
Confusing mind and heart,
You forge your wordy homilies
And bid us heed your art.

But where is He—or can you tell?—
Who stilled the brothers' strife,
Who urged the woman at the well
To live a better life?

Where is the Saint of Galilee,
Crude Peter's faithful guide;
The man who wept at Bethany
Because His friend had died?

We weary of your musty lore
Behind dead walls of gray;
We want His loving words once more
By some Emmaus way.

Give us the Christ who can bestow
Some comfort-thought of death.
Give us a Christ our hearts can know—
The Man of Nazareth.

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