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THE PROPHET, by                    
First Line: America has nourished wiser sons
Last Line: Stout heart, high mind, great-souled american.
Subject(s): Presidents, United States; Roosevelt, Theodore (1858-1919)

AMERICA has nourished wiser sons,
More cultured men have graced her halls of state
But Roosevelt she destined to be great,
And he is now among her deathless ones.
Smooth words he scorned, hypocrisy he spurned;
The truth to him was as a fiery sword;
He stood a mighty prophet of the Lord
To scourge the wrong, though flames about him burned,
His judgment erred, his conscience never failed;
Through fateful nights, within his dauntless heart
The great light gleamed which was of him a part;
His courage waxed when lesser spirits quailed.
Through all the years shall live this sovereign man.
Stout heart, high mind, great-souled American.

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