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GERMAN FAVORS, by            
First Line: Pendent from my chandelier
Last Line: Will not filch away.
Subject(s): Details; Life; Things

PENDENT from my chandelier,
'Neath the gaslight's blaze,
Hang a host of relics queer,
Born of other days.

Odd conceits and trifles fair,
Marvels made of naught,
Gimcracks fashioned out of air,
Fairy fingers wrought.

As I look with half-closed eyes
Through the smoke-dimmed air,
Round them dreamy memories
Swarm and cluster there.

Sweet familiar faces rise,
Figures come and go;
Winning lips and laughing eyes,
Voices soft and low.

Half-forgotten words once more,
Like a distant strain,
Vaguely on my spirit pour
Sweetness tinged with pain.

Joys may turn to smoke, and life
Waste to ashes gray, --
These dear forms I know its strife
Will not filch away.

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