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OUTWARD BOUND, by                    
First Line: Sailing, sailing, / over the waters and over the world
Last Line: Our eeriest fancies, strangest fears.
Subject(s): Adventure & Adventurers; Nature - Religious Aspects; Sailing & Sailors; Travel; Seamen; Sails; Journeys; Trips

SAILING, sailing,
Over the waters and over the world,
High to the heaven our sheets unfurled;—
Hailing, hailing
Our Lord the Sun, our Lady Moon,
The starlit Night, the ardent Noon;—
To twilights breathless,
And dreamings deathless,—
And aft the Creole sailor's croon.

Leaping, leaping,
Quick with the quivering life of the Trades,—
On our bow grows the sea-line, to windward it fades;—
Steeping, steeping
The good ship and her marineres
In sea-light, sea-dark, years and years;—
The Wind-God numbers
Our sudden slumbers,
Our eeriest fancies, strangest fears.

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