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SECOND THOUGHTS, by            
First Line: Was it I who dreamed
Last Line: In the endless, love!
Subject(s): Doubt; Dreams; Faith; Love; Perseverance; Skepticism; Nightmares; Belief; Creed

WAS it I who dreamed
In the doubtful Dark
That distant gleamed
A kindling spark?
Was it I who sought it
And found its flame,
And seized and brought it
The way you came?

Was it I who bowed
And held the fire?
Was it you whose proud
Regard drew nigher?
Was it your torch took
Sudden light from mine,
And your radiant look
That I drank like wine?

Or, did you pass
Serene and still,—
No smile, alas!
On those lips so chill;
Your torch unlit,
And the Dark about,—
Sole light in it
Fast flickering out?

Nay, dying not,
Though its flame must be
By fated lot
Unpassed to thee;
Though the Dark be dark,
One torch may prove
A meeting-mark
In the Endless, love!

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