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THE GOLD STAR, by            
First Line: He was just a kid
Last Line: And think it'll make me feel proud ...
Subject(s): Death; War; Dead, The

He was just a kid
And cried when they drafted him --
To send him across:
He who had never been further away
From home in all his life
Than the county seat
Twenty miles away.

Blind with tears, he stumbled aboard
The train that took him away
While the Widow Price watched...

Killed in action!
Bud, who couldn't bear to see a chicken's neck wrung!

Stony-eyed, she watched the other women
With their letters from the War Department
And their Gold Stars. Not for her.

They dragged him to his death, she said,
And he jest a young'un not knowing what it was all about,
And he died jest like a rat in a trap,
Jest as your own boys died.

But now that they've dun it
They ain't a-goin' to come to Me
And try to make it right
By giving me any Gold Star
And think it'll make me feel proud ...

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