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DE SENE VERONENSI, by             Poet's Biography
First Line: Happy the man that all his days hath spent
Last Line: This man hath liv'd, though that hath travell'd more.
Alternate Author Name(s): Claudius Claudianus
Subject(s): Travel; Journeys; Trips

HAPPY the man that all his days hath spent
Within his own grounds, and no farther went:
Whom the same house, that did him erst behold
A little infant, sees him now grown old:
That with his staff walks, where he crawl'd before,
Counts th' age of one poor cottage and no more.
Fortune ne'er him with various tumult prest,
Nor drank he unknown streams (a wandering guest):
He fear'd no merchant's storms, nor drums of war,
Nor ever knew the strifes of the hoarse bar.
Who, though to th' next town he a stranger be,
Yet heavens' sweet prospect he enjoys more free.
From fruits, not consuls, computation brings,
By apples autumns knows, by flow'rs the springs.
Thus he the day by his own orb doth prize;
In the same field his sun doth set and rise.
That knew an oak a twig, and walking thither
Beholds a wood and he grown up together,
Neighbouring Veron he may for India take,
And think the Red Sea is Benacus Lake.
Yet is his strength untam'd, and firm his knees;
Him the third age a lusty grandsire sees.
Go, seek, whos' will, the far Iberian shore:
This man hath liv'd, though that hath travell'd more.

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