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FAIR PLAY, by                    
First Line: A monument for millionaires
Last Line: To the men who died with their jobs.
Subject(s): Disasters; Labor & Laborers; Ships & Shipping; Shipwrecks; Titanic (ship); Work; Workers

A monument for millionaires
A monument for snobs.
No marble shaft for the men on the craft,
Who simply worked at their jobs.

The owner of gold and the wearer if lace
Is the thing that determines a hero's place.
But I'll sing a song to right the wrong,
I'll sing of the loyal crew.

In the hold of the ship, who never knew
How the hand of death did fall
Of the band that played while the good ship swayed
Unmindful of the call.

I'll drop a tear to the boys in the hold,
Who never knew and never were told
Who lived alone by the engine's throbs
And died as they lived—at work on their jobs.

I'll speak a word and breathe a prayer,
For those now drifting with the tide
Here's a cheer, and a sob
And a tear o'er their ocean bier
To the men who died with their jobs.

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