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A CONSTANT HEART, by                    
First Line: Let him who will sing beauty's praise
Last Line: O constant heart!
Subject(s): Beauty

LET him who will sing Beauty's praise,
In honeyed word and heated phrase
Her virtues tell;
But thou, my muse, thy accents raise
To sing that star of quenchless rays, --
A constant heart!

Ah, well may Beauty please us when
Fond Peace to Mirth looks love again,
And all is bright;
But when dull Care and Sorrow blend
T' oppress my soul, oh, give me then
A constant heart!

When summer skies and smiling seas
Bring gladness to my hours of ease,
Let Beauty smile:
With sadder days my soul there 'll seize
A longing naught but thou 'lt appease,
A constant heart!

How soon upon Time's widening sea
Do Beauty's charms take wings and flee,
By Care o'ercome!
Mid billows of adversity,
Then brighter still thy beams will be,
O constant heart!

When dark and drear my life-road seems,
And Hope withholds her precious gleams,
I'll sadly muse;
Then like the smiles of angels beams
A vision bright that comes in my dreams,
Of a constant heart!

Then sing I not vain Beauty's praise, --
A thing that fades with summer days
And soon is gone;
But through life's dubious gloomy maze
Be thou my star of quenchless rays,
O constant heart!

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