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BACHELOR'S LANDLADY, by                    
First Line: The lord employed a quaint disguise
Last Line: Porting a luscious lemon pie!!!
Subject(s): Landlords & Tenants

The Lord employed a quaint disguise
To clothe a worth He deifies,
When, after haunting us for weeks
With that fat wench whose flat foot squeaks
The tortured boards out on the floor
Beneath the keyhole to our door;
Whose heartless, calloused, upturned hand
Repeats its ornery demand
For rent; whose curt, concise replies
To all our fragile, whitened lies
About the burn, the noise, the scratch,
Are always victor in the match --
This round misprison of His way
He sent to our lean flat today
-- God only knows the reason why --
Porting a luscious lemon pie!!!

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