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First Line: Breasting white whirlwinds
Last Line: Ay, my comrade long and well-beloved, alexandra!
Subject(s): Alexandra, Queen Of England; Love; Pictures; Portraits; Thought; Thinking

Breasting white whirlwinds
On the drift-bound mountains,
Challenging the sleet-edged
March wind's mirth:
Far in summer woodlands
Whelmed in the storm and thunder
(Fearless filial daughter
Of the kind brown earth),
O the bonny, strong, courageous health of Alexandra!

Deep thoughts, wide thoughts
Fill her tranquil musing,
Make her clear cheek colour
And her still breast rise:
These with steadfast labour,
Skilled and single-hearted,
Safe she founds on homely soil,
And rears them to the skies!
O the sword-bright, reason-proving mind of Alexandra!

Robust and tender
Is her home-grown feeling;
Swift her espousal,
Of the kindmost's part;
Instinct her free faith
And her loyal valour;
Native to her west-born,
Fellow-caring heart,
Wide as heaven and warm as home, the heart of Alexandra!

Far forward-looking
Is her candid spirit,
Is her gallant, gracious,
Calm and open soul.
Like an ox for service,
Like a bird for freedom,
Moves her lucid purpose,
Single toward its goal,
Such the spirit high and fine that burns in Alexandra!

Sayest thou, this picture
Paints no earthly woman?
Nay, but in our Valley
Is her dwelling-place.
Nay, for yester-even
Did I walk beside her,
Listened to her low voice,
Looked upon her face,
Ay, my comrade long and well-beloved, Alexandra!

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