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THE MOTHER AT THE TELESCOPE, by                     Poet's Biography
First Line: I saw the moons of jupiter!
Last Line: Seen with these kitchen-gazing eyes!
Subject(s): Jupiter (planet); Moon; Sky; Telescopes & Binoculars; Opera Glasses

I saw the moons of Jupiter!
The cloth for tea was just laid on,
And toasting of the cheese begun,
When out of doors I sensed a stir
And one child calling "Wait for her!
O mother, come and see this star,
Brought down as close as lanterns are!
And round, like Earth! we knew they were;
But think! to see a rounded star!
And rounded stars look much more far!"
Apron and all I ran to share
My boy's great moment. What a night!
Frost, a new moon, sweet biting air,
And through the telescope, I swear,
A fragile berry filled with light!
I saw it with these very eyes;
With such nearsighted eyes as these,
That had been watching bits of cheese,
I saw the drop of light that swung
Its four faint sailing moons among!
(The moons looked only half the size
Of scales of minnows.) "And that star
Has me transported twice as far
As Jupiter from Earth," I said;
For in my veins and in my head
Great joy and wonder blazed and shone
To think what I had gazed upon --
Moons of a planet in the skies
Seen with these kitchen-gazing eyes!

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