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THE GLORY OF THE GAME, by            
First Line: A song to the football players
Last Line: And the honors and glories he bears!
Subject(s): Football; Games; Play; Sports; Recreation; Pastimes; Amusements

A SONG to the football players;
A song to the men of might;
To the winner or loser I sing it —
Of the battle that each must fight.

'Tis the battle of brain and muscle, the contest of strength and skill;
The impact of brawn and bulldog, the guidance of iron will;
The rush and the counter-movement, the quickness of mind and eye;
The crash in the centre scrimmage, that causes the blood to fly
Through the veins of the many watchers, as the battle is gained or lost;
'Tis the winning the thing they strive for, whatever may be the cost.
'Tis the shout of the gazing thousands, the ringing of mighty cheers,
As the roars of the sides commingle, to sound like the sea in your ears;
While the floating colors of this crowd wave greeting in sweeping fold,
To be answered in kind by the other, whose hues make its partisans bold;
'Tis the screech and the blare of the trumpets, as they add to the hideous din,
And the cries of the rival factions as they volley: "We win! We win!"
'Tis the dash of the long-haired player, as he rushes adown the field;
The snap of the interference, the forces that make him yield;
The down and the wedge and the end play, the puzzles that all must know;
And the varying tide of the contest, as the victories come and go;
'Tis the score standing even to even, and the weight of the solid whole,
The grasp of the final touchdown, the kick of the winning goal —

Then, winner or loser, here's to him!
For, winner or loser, who cares?
Here's hurrah for the football player,
And the honors and glories he bears!

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