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MY CHILDHOOD HOME, by                    
First Line: I am thinking today of the 'old home
Last Line: The scenes of my dear childhood home.
Subject(s): Home; Memory; Past; Youth

I am thinking today of the "Old Home"
That stands at the foot of a hill.
'Twas built to make somebody happy,
Though sorrow came often to fill
The rooms that were big and old-fashioned,
With furniture simple and old,
But someone who lived there was dearer
Than any fine silver or gold.

My Home! in the old apple orchard,
You seemed like a mansion to me
In the days when I was a youngster
And living so happy and free.
'Twas there that our loved ones would gather,
And oh! the dear friends that we met,
The kind that you like to have near you,
The ones you will never forget.

So often I find myself dreaming,
And sometimes my eyes fill with tears;
I see my dear Mother still waiting
To greet me, as in the past years.
Oh! memories dear ever linger,
Stay with me wherever I roam,
For it is so sweet to remember
The scenes of my dear childhood home.

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