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THE BEELAH VIADUCT, by            
First Line: O wondrous age! A wondrous age we live in
Last Line: When we have bid farewell to earthly things.
Alternate Author Name(s): Poet Close
Subject(s): Angels; Earth; Faith; Religion; World; Belief; Creed; Theology

O WONDROUS age! a wondrous age we live in,
When Stainmore echoes with the awful din;
What novel sounds the eighty men are giving,
While fixing firm the iron pillars in ...

All hail to Steam! all hail to men of Brain,
Who sweep all obstacles before them,
Cut down the hills, and through the mountains bore,
And make admiring crowds adore them. ...

"The cloud-cap't Towers, the solemn Temples,"
(As Shakespeare tells us in his verse sublime)
Our Bridge at last shall crumble—pass away—
When there shall also be and end of Time.

Nay, "the great Globe itself," he plainly says,
Shall disappear, and then be seen no more;
We don't believe this creed—our world will still
Move round the sun as she hath done before.

But when "The Archangel's trump shall sound"
(As good John Wesley piously sings),
May we among the heavenly host be found,
When we have bid farewell to earthly things.

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