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BLOOM THAT NEVER DIES, by                    
First Line: Somewhere the blossoming field of god
Last Line: A bloom of peace that never dies.
Subject(s): Heaven; Paradise

Somewhere the blossoming field of God
Never fades, for angels attend the seed.
No human foot has ever trod
This field, unspoiled by any weed.

From moon and planets translucent rays
Enhance the glory of bud and leaf.
There, dews have gemmed the peaceful sprays.
Untouched by dust; unmarred by thief.

Appealing lyrics with mellow notes
Harmonize with the faintest voice.
From blossom cups the perfume floats,
Released with cheer; and all rejoice.

On prayer they enter who humbly plead.
Their tears, like dew, heaven glorifies.
Each gathers for the heart-sore need
A bloom of peace that never dies.

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